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Debbie was my very first yoga teacher who I met during a retreat in Sri Lanka. I enjoyed her vinyasa and yin yoga classes a lot. She creates different kinds of classes depending on the participants. The way she teaches is calming. I can highly recommend her classes! :)

Valerie S

Debbie is fantastic at making yoga accessible and enjoyable for people of all levels. After an online session with Debbie I always feel like I have been challenged and yet that I am fully relaxed at the end. I enjoy the variety of Debbie's practic as well as her ability to make me feel good about whatever I can achieve that day.

Dr Duncheva

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I have been training with Debbie for a few years now, I’d never have achieved the level of fitness I have without Debbie‘s help. Debbie is always very encouraging and focused, she makes every session challenging. Debbie always ensures my technique is correct . One of the best things with Debbie is that she always plans ahead and the sessions are always different which means you never get bored! I enjoy working with Debbie and I’d definitely recommend her

Agrita Z-F

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Debbie is a really good personal trainer, yoga teacher and massage therapist. Very enthusiastic, attention to detail and great technique with her interactive and personalised sessions. Highly recommended in all her key skills with uplifting and excellent end results. Good for stress relief, fitness and general well being.

Andrew S

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I was lucky enough to benefit from Debbie's personal training for over two years until I moved away from the area.

Debbie's approach combined fitness training with work to help improve mobility and recovery from a long term injury as well as dietary advice if you need it.

The work is very tailored to your individual needs and she is very careful to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit - even devising a program to follow when I was travelling.

Highly recommended!

Clive S

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Debbie is a great PT! She really motivated me to help get in shape and help with my posture. Definitely recommend her.

Sarah C

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Debbie is a very effective and enthusiastic personal trainer and I would highly recommend her. She always prepares the sessions in advance, varying the exercises in accordance with your needs, and you will see very rapid progress. I always enjoy working out with Debbie, and would also recommend her yoga classes.

Sian J

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I really enjoyed joining Debbie's online self-massage workshop. Debbie sent all the info needed for a lovely experience in advance, allowing us to set up the perfect environment at home. Debbie was clear throughout the workshop and well-paced. I left feeling much better and chilled out

Sarah S

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I would definitely recommend Debbie, she is very knowledgeable and puts you at complete ease as she works her magic, diagnosing and resolving muscular issues. Over the last 18 ​months, Debbie has really helped me overcome a variety of aches and strains on legs, shoulders and back. Often providing an almost instant improvement after just one session. Thank you Debbie.

Carol W

Debbie has provided me with treatment for running related injuries using a combination of sports and deep tissue massage. Debbie is  a great listener who provided me with personalised treatment. She is extremely knowledge and was generous in sharing her knowledge of stretches which I could use after treatment. As a result of Debbie’s treatment, I’ve seen a substantial improvement in my flexibility and mobility. Thanks Debbie!

Richard B

Massage Therapy
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On the basis of two visits to Debbie for Sports Massage, recommended without reservation; in a word outstanding.

I have had many massages throughout my life; Debbie was undoubtedly up there with the best, maybe even No.1. She found problem areas of which I was unaware or; that if my recall is correct, has not been the case before.

She's an exceptionally good masseuse and its to my great regret that I reside for much of the time 150 miles away from Cheltenham, so cannot avail myself of her therapeutic ability on a regular basis.

Jeff N

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