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Yoga teaches us to listen to our body. Yoga takes us into the present moment, making us aware, grateful and grounded. Connecting the mind, body and soul

With a regular practice in asana, pranayama and meditation for over 6 years ; I have experienced many amazing benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga can help a person's overall well-being, mentally and physically.

I teach Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Fitness based yoga and Yin Yoga mostly. Teachings in pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy are incorporated into my classes. My classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate, with options given. I also run online private yoga sessions upon request tailored specifically towards the client's needs.

If you are interested in practicing yoga with me, check out the Video Library where you can practice with me at any time anywhere in the world.

I also run physical yoga classes wherever my location may be. To find out where I am teaching currently, follow me on Instagram for updates on my location or get in touch using the button below.

If you would like help running a retreat somewhere in the world and have an opportunity for a yoga teacher; I would be happy to explore these options, collaborate and share my joy of teaching yoga with others.

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Practising Yoga


With over 7  years of experience, my Personal Training sessions are programmed towards my client's specific goal, tailored with their initial fitness in mind.  Many of my clients decide to commit to 2 or 3 Personal Training Sessions a week, while others decide to do 1 Session plus other activities.  Either way, many of my clients progress and reach their goals finding a regime that suits them and their lifestyles.

There are many benefits to having personal training, leading to a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life. These changes are easily maintained and a permanent change is usually achieved.

Some of the main goals my client's achieve are: 

- Fat loss

- Muscle tone

- Strength

- Fitness

- Mobility

- Endurance

- Better mental outlook 

- More energy

If you are looking to improve in any of these aspects, personal training could be very beneficial for you

I have experience in training clients of all ages (from 18-80) and abilities as well as with disability/special needs, recovery from injury and those with anxiety or depression.

Using Zoom, consultation and Personal Training Sessions can take place at a time that suits both me and you. Programmes are tailored towards the client's needs and goals with any home gym equipment they may have. No equipment is necessary, just a fitness mat;  I have the experience to programme your sessions to most abilities without equipment. Having Personal Training online suits many of my clients very well, fitting it into their daily lives.

If you would like to find out more and have a consultation about starting Personal Training please send me a message.

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Back Massage


You only have one body, so treat it with love and care and give it what it deserves

Many people understand to give their body nutritious food and exercise to keep themselves healthy, however our body also deserves and benefits from regular physical massage therapy.
Certain muscles can become tight, knotted and tense from daily life causing other issues throughout our body and altering our posture. 

A typical Sports Massage Treatment will work on alleviating pain or tension from a certain area of the body by working on certain muscles groups and keeping the body’s soft tissue healthy.

Another benefit of massage therapy is relaxation. Using techniques from Sports massage therapy, I also provide deep tissue massage for the full body or back, neck and shoulders with more emphasis on helping the body relax.

Unfortunately due to travelling I am unavailable for appointments for Massage Therapy, however am running Online Self Massage Workshops and Video Tutorials. If you are interested in a workshop of video tutorial, please get in contact.

Services: Sports Massage Therapy
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